Google proposes to pay for TV advertising that is seen

Satelite Estar 10 para Google Yesterday we learned through the news, how Google enters the television advertising contracting sector with its Adsense program, through an agreement with the company Echostar.
The relevant thing from the marketing point of view, which can change the way of planning advertising in the medium term, since its value is in automating the entire advertising process, from hiring to planning and reporting. They assure that they could give the results of the announcement in less than 24 hours.

And the price of the ads would be based on the viewers who have seen it, since each viewer is registered anonymously. Somehow we already have it here in Spain through surveys to a panel of viewers that facilitates Sofres, but it is not exact and objective, so the system proposed by Google is more realistic.

This would make advertising much more dynamic, since currently an ad is not known to be good commercially until after a while when the investment is already made. It would also remove intermediaries, as hiring is easier.

This movement, although it is being carried out in the US, will surely affect us, and the current media agencies will get to work so as not to lose competitive advantage in the medium term.

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