Frequently Asked Questions about the Digital Kit Program

The Digital Kit Program is a great opportunity for SMEs and Freelancers to take the step towards the digitalization of their company. You can get financing of up to € 12,000, which will depend on the number of employees of the company.

There are many doubts about the Digital Kit Aid Program, and that is why in this post we try to solve the frequently asked questions so that you know if your company can agree or not to present the procedure. Read!

1. Which companies can access this aid? What are the amounts?

The Digital Kit Aid Program is intended for companies that have a maximum of up to 5o employees. This range has been divided into 3 segments taking into account the number of employees. This segmentation is important since each of them is allocated a different amount.

  • Segment I (companies with 10 to 49 employees), will receive an amount of up to € 12,000.
  • Segment II (companies with 3 to 9 employees), will receive an amount of up to € 6,000.
  • Segment III (companies with 0 to 2 employees), will receive an amount of up to € 2,000.

2. What requirements must companies/freelancers meet?

According to Order ETD/1498/2021, of December 29, which approves the regulatory bases of the Digital Kit Aid program, companies that take advantage of this aid program must meet specific requirements. The first and most important is that they meet the number of employees to enter a segment.

The more specific requirements would be as follows:

  • The company must be registered in the Census of entrepreneurs, professionals and withholders of the State Tax Administration Agency or in the equivalent census of the Regional Tax Administration, which must reflect the economic activity and meet certain requirements.
  • The company must not be regarded as a firm in difficulty. and must be up to date with tax and Social Security obligations .
  • The company must perform a Digital Maturation test on the Acelera Pyme platform.
  • Not be subject to a recovery order pending following a previous decision by the European Commission determining unlawful aid incompatible with the common market.
  • The company cannot have incurred the prohibitions provided for in article 13.2 of Law 38/2003, of November 17, General Subsidies.
  • Do not exceed the de minimis aid ceiling

3. To which categories can the Digital Kit voucher be allocated?

The Digital Kit grant bonus can be invested in different categories:

  1. Website and basic internet presence
  2. E-commerce
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Customer Management
  5. BI and analytics
  6. Virtual Office Services and Tools
  7. Process Management
  8. Electronic invoicing
  9. Secure communications
  10. Cybersecurity
  11. Advanced Internet presence
  12. Marketplace
ayudas kit digital opciones

4. How is the number of employees calculated?

One of the most frequent questions in companies is to know in which segment they are and how to calculate the number of employees.

The number of employees will be calculated with the data of the existing workers in the General Social Security Regime and in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (self-employed collaborators and corporate self-employed ). The deadline for accounting for the average workforce of workers under the General Scheme will be relative to the last 12 months prior to the date of application for the aid.

So that you can check the number of employees that your company has, you can access the Social Security website in the Network System section and you will get the report.

5. How do I submit the Digital Kit process? What documentation do I need?

To apply for help you have to follow a few simple steps. From Close·marketing we help you carry out the procedures and accompany you in the application process and once you have been granted the bonus.

In the process of submitting the procedure, you will not need to provide any document from your company, but you will need to know some data about it, such as the CNAE code, the IAE heading or the amount granted with the “de minimis” aid. In addition, it is necessary to have the electronic certificate and the digital signature to carry out the procedure.

6. How long do I have to choose Digitizer? Can I choose several?

Once you have been granted the bonus, you have up to 6 months to consume it, choosing the digitizer(s) you want. This answers the second question, so yes, you can choose several digitizing agents, that is, you can choose one for the digital signature category and another for social media management.

ayudas kit digital 6 meses

Once a digitizer agent has been chosen, a service delivery agreement must be signed. Once this agreement has been signed, there is a period of 3 months to implement the solution.

7. How long will the Digital Kit solutions be implemented?

As we have mentioned before, the beneficiary of Kit Digital grants will have 6 months to sign an agreement with a digitizing agent. If this time has passed and you have not done so, you will lose the money granted.

Once the service provision agreement with the digitizing agent has been formalized, there are two phases:

  • 1st phase: The attached digitizing agent will have a period of up to 3 months , where the implementation of the solution and the development must be carried out, where appropriate. In addition, the invoice will be issued and payment will be made.
  • 2nd phase: Once the first phase has been completed, a period of 12 months begins to be computed from the date of issuance of the invoice in the previous phase.

8. Can I hire a solution that exceeds the amount I have been granted?

The answer is yes. You can hire a category of Digital Kit grants that exceeds the maximum amount that can be allocated to that solution. That is, if you want to invest € 3,000 in the creation of a website because it has additional functions, but you can only allocate € 2,000. In this case, the beneficiary company must bear the difference.

9. What items are not eligible?

The following concepts will not be eligible:

  • The VAT of the invoice, which must be assumed by the company.
  • Hardware
  • Telecommunication services and internet connectivity
  • Expenditure on the provision of advisory, management or similar services
  • Interest on debts, late payments, surcharges and administrative and judicial penalties
  • Financial expenses and expenses derived from legal proceedings.
  • Infrastructure and civil works and land expenses.

Now that you know how to do the process, you can choose us as a digitizing agent and boost your business. We accompany you in the process and to achieve it. Talk?

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