Logo Design

The logo performs two basic functions:
recognition and other brand memorization.

Several factors will be taken into account for the development of the logo:

Differentiation from competition

The market will be studied in order to differentiate the company from its competition

Symbology that transmits

Color study

The color introduces aesthetic and emotional connotations and incorporates its optical strength into the expressions of the brand.


Search for a logo that is original and different, that conveys its values well.

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Marketing Online

We are your online marketing company in Granada. We optimize your website with SEO, Content, Networks and Maintenance so that you get more customers.

Graphic Design

At Closemarketing we create a renewed, updated and attractive image for your business. Improve your image to customers and generate new ones.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is direct advertising, expressly aimed at your potential customers, instantly measurable and with the possibility of being optimized at any time.

WordPress Web Design

We are specialized in creating identities on the Internet. which is today an essential communication channel that allows us to attract new clients interested in our services.


We are your multimedia communication agency Granada. Seduce, capture and convince your customers that they should choose you with multimedia content.

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