Social Media Marketing

Social media management for businesses

At Closemarketing we take care of researching and creating relevant and up-to-date content and spreading it both through the company’s corporate blog and through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.) and through regular newsletters.
Social media marketing is an essential process to offer quality posts that generate engagement and increase the audience of the target that we have marked with the client company. For this reason, Closemarketing has a specialized department dedicated especially to this work.

Being where our customers are is one of the premises of the use of social networks by companies to communicate with them. It is important to know where they are, how they communicate and how we can approach them, in Closemarketing we know it and we are specialized in the management of profiles on social networks to improve the visibility of your company on the Internet.

How can a content strategy help your business?

  • Social networks allow us to bring our products and/or services closer and informally to our customers.
  • Also thanks to them we can know better the preferences and interests of our target audience.
  • They are ideal for increasing the visibility of your business,products and services on the Internet.
  • They help our online positioning improve.
  • We will increase visits to the web, focusing communication on the achievement of the objectives set.

What do we do in Closemarketing for your business?

  • We analyze your current situation, your needs and mark together the objectives of your company.
  • We design and develop a personalized strategy on social media that best fits your company’s profile (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tuenti, Youtube, etc.).
  • We carry out continuous management of the profiles created to continuously improve the results of your company.
  • We create and manage ad campaigns in Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Linkedin Ads, with graphic and text ads targeting a target audience.
  • We analyze the web and the rentability (ROI). Each month we prepare a report so that you can know the evolution of followers, the information that has interested your followers the most, which links they have accessed, etc.

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Marketing Online

We are your online marketing company in Granada. We optimize your website with SEO, Content, Networks and Maintenance so that you get more customers.

Graphic Design

At Closemarketing we create a renewed, updated and attractive image for your business. Improve your image to customers and generate new ones.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is direct advertising, expressly aimed at your potential customers, instantly measurable and with the possibility of being optimized at any time.

WordPress Web Design

We are specialized in creating identities on the Internet. which is today an essential communication channel that allows us to attract new clients interested in our services.


We are your multimedia communication agency Granada. Seduce, capture and convince your customers that they should choose you with multimedia content.

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