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Design Online Shop Medina Garnata

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Medina Garnata is an online store where the three best oils in the world are sold, obtained directly from olives and only through mechanical processes.

They wanted to promote their gourmet pack The Top Three among the best extra virgin olive oils worldwide, and they have done so!

Online Shop

The creation of their online store was a turning point for them since they needed to be in the online world to publicize their gourmet products, so they contacted us.

Our creation process

  1. Capture of needs

We studied the project that Medina Garnata wanted to carry out and found the keys to get the most out of it, an attractive, simple design focused on its star product, EVOO.

2. Web graphic design

We create an online store adapted to your needs. With a unique design, in which we highlight the colors.

In this case we choose pastel tones, as they provide a feeling of softness and relaxation. Also, highlight the different animations in the design of the website, which will make the user experience more attractive.

Take a look at their website and let yourself be enveloped by the best evoo in the world in a single pack!

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