Follow your project day by day!

Marketing philosophy


In order to maintain continuous communication and try to be transparent in our work, at Closemarketing we work with a task and project manager through which our clients can follow their project day by day.





The philosophy of Close Marketing

Our company already has a clear message on your behalf. CloseMarketing means “close to marketing”. It is this closeness to which the reference is what makes us count on the client in the work we do for him.

Transparency and trust:

At CloseMarketing we are fully committed not only to our clients and the projects we carry out to them, but also to the multiple monitoring of them by both parties. In a world as changing and digitized as today’s, not putting a priority order of the tasks to be carried out is facing failure.

That’s why at CloseMarketing, you can feel totally at ease knowing that your website is in the best hands, and you can also follow the changes made to your project every day and stay in touch with us 24 hours a day.

All these efforts on our part are aimed at a single purpose, and it is total transparency with our users.

Asana, the perfect ally:

A while back, when it comes to wanting to manage clients’ projects and routine tasks, the commonly used form was email. In our team we thought that this method was already obsolete, in addition to being quite impersonal and that is why we try to maintain the closest and most familiar relationship possible to adapt to any changes suggested by the client.

To make all this possible, CloseMarketing works with one of the best project and task managers on the market today, and that is Asana. This powerful tool allows us to be more efficient working as a team, and keep staff connected and synchronized with each other and with customers at the same time.

The greatest utility of Asana is that it allows you to exchange information about tasks in the comments section, where the client can also comment on the changes that are made to their project. Everything that is discussed about a task is recorded in this section, so you don’t have to exchange emails, or do searches later to find out who said what, etc.

Another important feature of this manager is the option to manage tasks and projects in order of priority.

How we approach the customer

Through our task planning and management platform, Asana, we are able to coordinate our team and maintain ongoing communication with the customer. We include clients in your project to keep you continuously informed of the tasks we plan and perform. In this way the client can actively participate in conversations about daily work and make contributions.

We hear you

The mission is to get closer to the customer and bring the customer closer to our work. We work with customer feedback in mind at all times.

We work in this way aware that the marketing that best suits your business is a more real way of doing marketing and, therefore, is more effective.

Information of interest

We also offer you interesting information such as the time we dedicate to it. Workers, if they are working on a project, point out which of them it is so that the client can see the time that has been invested in certain tasks and has greater control over our work to integrate us into it.

Among the main features of the task manager is the unification of the different means of communication with which it has those responsible for carrying out the tasks first hand. Emails, calls, messages, Whatsappss… everything aims to create a task for each action to be performed.


Review your project wherever you are

The task manager we use has an easy-to-use mobile app available for iOs and Android, so the client can download it on their mobile and have their project handy.