Let me tell you the story of Close marketing

This is the story of two professional future projects that at one point in their journeys met and became a reality

Did you know that Close·marketing was born in 2006 as a blog? Yes, as we told you. It was a few years ago when a blog called Closemarketing was created, thanks to the restlessness and curiosity of our David Pérez. It was a site where he talked about things that he was discovering about what we call online marketing or digital marketing.

Years later, back in 2010, with his participation in the radio program Emprendedores Digitales, he included the section in which he participated in the blog as a podcast called Bitácora del internauta. And yes, you can still listen to it because we still keep it in our trunk of memories 🙂

In these years he already offered his services as a web designer and online marketing consultant while directing the marketing department of a company in Granada. There he and Sacra met, who after passing through the company, continued to collaborate with David on other projects.

Until 2015, when they decided to unite their paths to create what Close marketing is today. A young and restless online marketing agency whose objective is to be part of projects in which we put all our knowledge and our enthusiasm.

Today the Close·marketing family is a little larger and is made up of this magnificent team, who are the essence of the brand.

And now our team…


Meet Sacra and David!
The bosses of Close·marketing, with experience and knowledge as a base, are in charge of understanding what your company needs and developing a 100% effective strategy.

David Pérez

Close·marketing Director

Sacra Jáimez

Close·marketing Director

Miguel Jódar

Creative Director

Manu Relaño

Graphic Designer

Álvaro Dallas

Graphic Designer


Meet Miguel, Manu and Álvaro!
They communicate in a creative, original and different way everything that your brand has to say to the world. Ideas are always raining with them!


Meet Fran, Ana, Irene, Carlos and Gabriela!

Regardless of the challenge that they face, with communication, creativity, commitment and desire, they do the best marketing for your company and always achieve the best results.

Ana Castillo

Digital Marketing Manager

Gabriela Vaquera

Key Account Manager

Fran Ramírez

Social Media Manager

Carlos Salcedo

Advertising Creative / Social Media

Irene Guzmán


Alba Chica

Marketing Technician

Manuel Tenllado

Marketing Technician

Manolo Muñoz

Frontend Developer specializing in WordPress

Angie Mulero

Frontend developer specializing in WordPress

Alex Brea

Frontend Developer specializing in WordPress

Alberto Sosa

Web Developer

Web developmentClose.marketing

Meet Manolo, Angie and Alex!

Developers specialized in WordPress who are in charge of translating the wishes of the clients into their web page. There is no website that can resist them!


Meet Laura!

The management, the accounts and the organization of the workers could only be in the best hands.

Laura Molina


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