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Moretti Forni is an expert company in making professional kitchen ovens, for them, heat is one more ingredient. The importance of a good oven is fundamental when cooking. With them, you move into a new era where the wood-burning oven becomes electric.

Moretti Forni had a website with a very inefficient editor and needed a website adapted to his needs, and that is why we made a change. We improve performance, reduce loading time and make a multilingual website.

Diseno Web Moretti Forni

Improved performance

We found a website in Elementor, an external plugin that significantly reduces the speed of the web, so we migrated it to the native WordPress editor, Gutenberg. Gutenberg is a very intuitive editor that allows a better layout.

Thanks to the change we make on this website, we managed to reach a percentage of 95% in pagespeed. In addition, they needed their website in different languages so we did it in multilanguage, English and Spanish.

Custom plugins

Custom blocks of images were programmed in carousel to avoid the use of sliders that overload the web.

After this improvement their results with the web from visits to conversions increased by leaps and bounds.

Web Moretti Forni

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