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Web Design Padel Sport Granada

Pádel Sport Granada is an official Club of World Padel Tour, which arose from a group of friends passionate about padel, who have facilities to enjoy this sport and various activities.

We have carried out the redesign of the website, making it efficient and optimized, as well as adapted to all devices with a modern appearance where all the information of the Club is located and where you can reserve a track.

Web Padel Sport Granada

Web structure

In a simple and clean way it provides all the necessary information, where the user can be informed of relevant news, the facilities, activities that are carried out and the possibility of booking track on the website itself.

When browsing the web internally we can see an easy connection between the different pages which leads to a very intuitive navigation.

Padel Sport Granada

Custom plugins

A Custom Post Types has been carried out as it provides custom blocks, this can be seen on the homepage, in the news block and customer reviews. Custom blocks have also been made.

Pagina Web Padel Sport Granada
Movil Web Padel Sport Granada

Web design

A fully functional and attractive web 3.0 was created for users. A redesign of the website was carried out, giving it a more visual and innovative approach.

We find a simple and interactive website, where the red color predominates with a smooth background totally white, in this way a very clean environment is created. In addition, we find images of the facilities, and an interactive button to book with 3 options to adapt to the needs of the user.

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