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Sensor Sport Lab is a company that has carried out a project of sensors to measure sports performance in different disciplines, in order to achieve a monitoring and improvement of the objectives.

We have realized your corporate identity, designing a modern logo. We have created a modern and innovative website to publicize your product, the sensors. In addition, we have included a video with the operation of its sensors.

Pagina Web Diseno Web Sensor Sport Lab

Web structure

We find a very clean and modern web structure, with different visual elements that make it easier for the user to capture the information. The information architecture is organized with the aim that the user finds everything he needs.

The web structure is designed for usability, which provides relevance to each page that makes up the web. The structure of this website provides navigability that invites the user to tour the website.

Diseno Web Sensor Sport Lab

Custom fields

For this website we have developed plugins and Custom Post Types to measure that provide custom blocks that allow us to generate information about the project.

Web Sensor Sport Lab
Web Movil Sensor Sport Lab

Web design

We have made a fully functional and attractive web 3.0 for the user. A web design has been carried out from scratch.

We find a simple and clean website, where the white and blue colors are protagonists, their corporate colors that we also find in their logo. A moving video in the background representing one of the disciplines for the use of sensors attracts the attention of the user, creating an attractive and striking website. In addition, a video has been included with a real demonstration of how the sensors work.

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