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Web design LSE School of Signs

The School of Sign Language of Jaén is an academy of teaching sign language, all thanks to the Provincial Association of Deaf People of Jaén, which created this school in 2006 for the teaching of sign language courses.

We have worked on a modern design and web development, creating a platform of online courses by elearning experts, Learn Dash. We have developed a block of sign language courses A1, A2, B1 and B2.

Diseño Web LSE Escuela de Signos

Web structure

The structure of the website is simple and clean, emphasizing all the information that the user needs to know when entering the web, about their courses, the school and the team.

It is a very visual website, getting the user to have a very good experience in their navigation.

The pages are designed and structured to facilitate as much as possible the navigation to the user, being a very accessible web and with elements with movement, as in the case of the courses that have a small gif translating it into the language of the signs.

Diseño Web LSE Escuela de Signos

Custom plugins

For the School of Signs of Jaén, we have implemented a custom plugin that provides the different sign language courses, LMS plugin LearnDash. With this platform, it is possible to involve students in electronic learning.

Diseño Web LSE Escuela de Signos
Diseño Web LSE Escuela de Signos

Web design

A web 3.0 has been made, which generates an excellent experience for users. The design was developed from scratch, totally customized and adapted to its corporate identity and the needs of this school.

We found a striking and interactive website, where the water green color predominates with a totally white background, in this way we create a very clean and clear environment, making navigation comfortable and pleasant throughout the web.


The School of Sign Language of Jaén provides courses of different levels of sign language communication in Spanish, working for various levels of language A1, A2, B1 and B2.

Find out for yourself here.

With teaching-learning processes that are carried out through the Internet, together with the best elearning experts.

These courses provide an incredible variety of content, videos, images and exams with the aim of at the end of the course each student is able to overcome it and able to communicate.

Cursos LSE Escuela de Signos


All courses are approved by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Curso LSE Escuela de Signos

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