Web Design and Development Antonio Carvajal Arquitectos

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Web Design and Development Antonio Carvajal Arquitectos

Web Design and Development

This project of design and web development Antonio Carvajal Arquitectos has a lot of gallery. It aims to serve as a portfolio of samples of the work done by Antonio Carvajal to users interested in architectural projects.

The visual style is very clear and the images become very important, with a clean and well-structured design line that facilitates navigation through each page.

The website of Antonio Carvajal Arquitectos is structured in five large blocks: the Studio, Projects, Services, Blog and Contact. All of them interrelated to give complete information in each of the sections with the aim that the user navigates and finds more projects to discover.

WordPress Development of Content Sections (Custom Post Types)

A new website created in WordPress for which the development of Custom Post Types has been carried out to facilitate the management to the client of the main customized sections: services and projects. In turn, these are related, showing in each project the services offered and in each service the projects for which said service has been carried out.

The result: a very clean and clear website where you can observe the work in a very agile way.

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