Diseño Web InterAcción Psicoterapia

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Diseño Web InterAcción Psicoterapia

In this case, the client was looking for a website to show all the possibilities offered by InterAcción Psicoterapia, showing her work areas, workshops, courses and spaces. Also including a blog section in which all the professionals of the psychotherapy and psychological counseling center can participate.

The main challenge of this website was to include all the content that was needed, so that it was easy to navigate and intuitive. So the first step we followed was to analyze the sections of the web and decide how the contents were going to be organized.

Usually, pages that contain large amounts of text become heavy and boring to watch, so we didn’t want to make that mistake. We carried out an exhaustive search for a typography that would facilitate reading and also manage to maintain the identity of the company.

Web development

Another important point in the development of the InterAcción website was the ease of subsequent management by the client. The solution, of course, the development of the web in WordPress and the use of Custom Post Type (CPT) for each of the sections of the web: rooms, work areas, professionals and courses.

Finally, the client wanted an aesthetic that conveyed tranquility and relaxation. That is why we use a minimalist design, using black and white with the blue variant of the logo to highlight certain information.

Do you want to see the project? We invite you to visit Interaction-Psychotherapy, Groups and Personal Development!

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