Diseño web Voy en Bike

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Diseño web Voy en Bike

Voy en Bike is a company dedicated to the sale of accessories and bicycles that markets its products throughout the national territory.

We made a page based on the main in order to maintain the brand essence of this family business.

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Estructura web

We found a website structured in 4 columns with the aim of offering a complete website with content regarding the store and its products.

As for the pages, we find two large sections which will be the focus of web browsing: Services and Products.

Diseno Web Voy En Bike


We use the most popular stock manager in E-commerce. Thanks to this plugin you can manage orders, stock, sales… of your business in a very simple way. For these and many other advantages we use WooCommerce.

Diseno Web Voy En Bike
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Web Design

A fully functional and attractive web 3.0 was created for the client. The design was developed from scratch completely customized for the client.

We find a simple and clean website, where white colors and bluish tones predominate, giving a sporty touch to the website. We also find animated backgrounds in vector format, in this way we give a decorative touch to the web

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