Diseño de tienda online de Muebles Moya

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Diseño de tienda online de Muebles Moya

Diseño Tienda Online de Muebles Moya - Diseño Web Tienda Online


The project we carry out with Muebles Moya is to create an online store that will marry its corporate image with the image. In projects like this it is important to take into account the way a company sells. Carrying out the online store design project means, after all, translating the physical store to zeros and ones.

mueblesmoya pantallas 2

The page, always faithful to the style and colors of the brand, consists of different sections that have to do with the online store and a blog that we use to position in search engines while offering interesting information.

Practical design

Not only is it a very repeated demand in different clients but an identity mark for our web pages. The realization of a practical design, with a good organization is a priority when working.

We think about how the customer will perceive the page when they first enter. Thus, we try to guide you through a clean design, which helps to understand the page rather than load it with elements that hinder the quick visualization of what interests the brand and the client.

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