Portal de Inmuebles Asesoría Paco Muñoz

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Portal de Inmuebles Asesoría Paco Muñoz

New website Asesoría e Inmobiliaria in Loja

Asesoría Paco Muñoz is a Lojeña company that sought to offer its clients a new form of contact and direct communication. To do this, they were looking for the creation of a new website where to present their advisory services and their real estate agent service.

We are looking for a simple and effective design, with the creation of a WordPress website that was easy to manage and at the same time with very complete functionalities.

As a first view of the page, we wanted to give more importance to the real estate section, since it is the one that would generate the most traffic on the web. To do this, we place a housing search engine above the header image of the home, and then the outstanding properties. When designing the page, a current aesthetic has been sought, to get the young public to understand that a consultancy is not a thing of the past.

The rest of the page, as we have said before, serves as a showcase to show the services of this company, so it was decided to make a simple design that quickly and easily explained each of them.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the integration of the blog on the page, a space where the company can share all the news related to their work as well as news they want to communicate about their own company.

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