Web design of online store: LuxeNails

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Web design of online store: LuxeNails

Tienda Online Luxe Nails

LuxeNails presents itself as an innovative company in nail modeling, with the purpose of satisfying all the needs and shortcomings of this market. They collaborate exclusively with the beauty professional and stylists, creating products for the care and modeling of nails, also offering excellent training and superior quality services with great business support.

Tienda Online Luxenails

As a specialist and innovative company in the sector, they believed that a change of image with respect to their website was necessary. They trusted us for the creation of the web design of the online store through which they market a large part of their products: Machinery and Accessories, Coverages and Care, Gels, Enamels, Bases, Acrylics, Top Coat and Nails Art.

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Among its main objectives were the creation of a website adapted to the current needs of the consumer, easy, simple and intuitive, always maintaining the image of the company offering reliability and authenticity to the client. In turn, the creation of an online store with better support and organized by product categories so that it was easy to navigate and find what they are looking for.

As main colors, black and white stand out, with some touch of color for categories such as blog, where to show news and trends of the market.

Tienda Online Luxe

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