What are Candid Stories: Does Instagram copy BeReal?

The Candid Stories arrive, the new Instagram tool that will revolutionize the way we communicate with our followers in a real way… Wait, this I think sounds familiar…

The threat of BeReal

BeReal was one of the most resonated social networks during this last year. At a time when social networks seem to be a constant competition to show an idyllic life, this social network appeared to face it.

This mobile application allows us to show the beauty of the simplest and most authentic moments . Whether it’s cooking at home, walking the dog, or enjoying a night at home, every moment is important and valuable.

Apps like TikTok tried to see this threat as an opportunity to implement a similar tool on their platform. TikTok Now worked as a result of a random notification during the day to take a photo with the front and rear camera of the device.

However, Instagram was not so fast in this adaptation and although in August they already announced this development (formerly called Candid Challanges), it is not until now when they have introduced it on the platform.

Tiktok Now ¿es Bereal Una Amenza 2

How do Candid Stories work?

Candid Stories are created from a notification throughout the day to take a photo spontaneously. As in BeReal, if you do not take this photo you will not be able to see the rest.

This tool is available in the Stories section, although users can disable it in the “Settings” part to avoid receiving notifications to upload the photo or see those of the rest.

Qué Son Las Candid Stories ¿instagram Copia A Bereal 1

At the moment this option is only available for certain geographical areas, but Instagram is working hard to bring this tool to the rest of the world.

Why your arrival is interesting

This tool is a unique opportunity for brands and influencers to connect with their audience in a more real and honest way. Users will be able to see the everyday life behind the communication and the perfectly studied photos.

The most important thing about this implementation is that it is done from a social network where most users and companies have a presence. This helps to avoid having to use external applications or move your audience to another social network, something complex to achieve.

If you are for example an office you can show the day to day of your workers. If you are a craft workshop, how do you work with materials. In short, an original way to connect with your audience where the fundamental pillar is that of transparency.

We will be aware of its imminent arrival in Spain and from Close·marketing we are clear that it is an opportunity that we will take advantage of. We are up to date!

If you want to see more news coming this 2023 you can read them in the article we dedicate to it. For the rest of the news about Instagram, follow us!

Qué Son Las Candid Stories ¿instagram Copia A Bereal 2

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