Quick keyword guide to understanding social networks

A summary of keywords so that beginners in social media marketing can better understand them.

There are many specific terms that we use to refer to the different sections, formats and analytical measures of social networks. It is estimated that by 2025 the number of social media users in Spain will exceed 38 million, which further underlines the importance of knowing the more technical concepts.

In this basic guide we tell you in a quick and easy way all the key words that will help you to assimilate its operation.

Insights terms

Insights are those characteristics that tell us about our behavior and the behavior of users with our content on social networks. They are hidden for each user and help to understand our performance, effectiveness and to improve.

The most common insights we can find are:


Reach is the total number of unique people who have seen your publication on social networks. Under this term we can make a classification:

  • Organic reach: This content is seen by followers, people who have seen the publication because others have shared it, discovered it through hashtags or similar likes.
  • Paidreach: Its difference lies in that through an investment of money, this publication is shown to new users with certain predefined characteristics.


Unlike reach, this measure does not take into account the people who see it, but the times. For example, if we see a post and then our friend shares it, it would count as two impressions, but as one person in relation to reach.


Engagement of followers in terms of interaction with the users they follow on social networks. In a practical example, someone who has 200 followers and 100 likes per photo will have more engagement than someone with 1,000 followers with the same number of likes.

Guía Rápida De Palabras Clave Para Entender Las Redes Sociales 2
In these two cases, the former would have more engagement.

This is one of the challenges that users must face, since the higher the engagement, the more likely it is that conversions will occur. Therefore, generating connection and interaction is vital for online communication.

Social media keywords


In marketing terms, the algorithm is a system of internal parameters within a social network that prioritizes one content over another when displaying it to the user. It is of great importance to know how to make it favorable in order to be visible on the Internet and that our efforts to have a presence do not fall in vain.

If you want to know more about what is the algorithm and the requirements of each social network, visit this article, visit this article we dedicate to it.


This is one of the most used keywords in marketing and refers to the actions that a user performs in line with our objective. For example, if our goal is to sell, a conversion is a sale. If our goal is to get them to register for an event, a conversion is a registration on the registration form.


Chronological order in which posts are organized. You have probably heard the term “having an attractive feed”. That goes referring to the harmony of a design line in all publications for a good result as a whole, that is, in the feed.

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Social media management for Nordwik


Within a paid social media advertising, CPC is short for cost per click. That is, a division of the budget invested divided by the number of clicks that have been made.

The CPM differs in that it refers to the cost per thousand impressions. This does not depend on clicks, but on the number of times that advertisement has been seen.

Social Spammer

We should not overwhelm our communication just because we want to reach everyone. This is an erroneous and abusive practice of wanting to reach a large number of users and, like spamming, it is penalized.

This practice occurs when too much content is uploaded or mass messages are sent to users without their having asked for it. This is a bad practice for those who want to retain and build loyalty and end up achieving the opposite.

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Known by many, hashtags are tags that will help you classify your content to reach people looking for similar topics and help algorithms. In this article we talk about their importance and how to know which ones to use.


It is one of the most heard keywords in recent years and it is a training content that takes place over the Internet. The first time this content is given it is done live and then it is saved so that it can be consulted later or broadcast at a later date.

Monitoring of social networks

Monitoring is a process by which we identify the perception of our brand or product in social networks. Through this practice we will know the performance of the account, strengths and weaknesses and status of our online presence.


Term referring to the acquisition and interaction of new contacts through social networks.

Valuable content

It is the content that really contributes to the consumer. It is a distant content that is not focused on selling and that achieves loyalty through information of interest to the consumer. For example, if we are a gym, our value content would not be to publish our rates, but an exercise plan to reduce back pain.

Now that you know some of the most used keywords in social media marketing, you will avoid ignorance when you are asked about any of them.

Are there any you didn’t know? We read you🙂

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