Find your differential value as a company

If you are asked about your differential value as a company or professional and you don’t know what to answer, this article is for you. We will help you to clarify it!

What is differential value?

The differential value is a characteristic or quality that makes us different from other companies in the market. It can be related to our product, service, customer service, marketing strategy, etc. In short, it is what gives a company a competitive advantage to stand out from the rest.

To see it with an example, if we are a perfume company, our differential value can be the elaboration of our product through an artisanal process with a personalized customer service.

Once we have chosen what makes us stand out, the rest of our communication and strategies must be coherent with it. Thanks to this, we will make everyone know that we are unique and inimitable.

Why you should have a differential value

  • Attract new customers: If your product or service offers something that the competition does not have, it is more likely to attract new customers looking for something different.
  • Build customer loyalty: If your differentiating value is something your customers like or need, they are more likely to remain loyal to your brand rather than go with the competition.
  • Improve reputation: If the value is something appreciated in the market, you can be perceived as a leader in your sector.

How do I find it?

Remember that finding your differential value as a company is an ongoing process and you must be willing to adapt and change according to the market and needs. With persistence and a good focus on offering unique value, you can stand out.

1. Analyze the market and competitors

The first step to know your differential value is to know the context and situation of the market and how your competitors are facing it. It will help you to be informed of both trends and changes in the industry.

In a practical case, we cannot use low prices as a differential value if we do not really know the price range of others.

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2. Analyze your consumer

Knowing the needs and desires of customers is a fundamental part of knowing how to meet demand. It can be useful to conduct customer surveys or interviews to get a more complete picture of the company and its position in the market.

3. Self-diagnosis

Performing an analysis of who we are as a company will help us discover our strengths. At this point we should ask a couple of questions that will help us to solve the question we are looking for. Some of them may be:

  • What are you good at?
  • What characteristic do you want to be remembered for?
  • What do I offer that others don’t?
  • Is my differential value easily imitable?
  • Why am I chosen?

Examples that can help you

As we have mentioned, differential value should be at the center of our marketing strategy. We can see this in several slogans that serve as a statement of intent to create a difference between the rest of the companies.

  • Lidl, quality is not expensive: its value lies in offering low prices on quality products.
  • Telepizza, the secret is in the dough: the value lies in a characteristic of its product.
  • Oral B, the brand most used by dentists: its value lies in the preference of this product in the market.

Now it’s time to find out what value you have as a company. With this quick guide, when you are asked about your differential value, you will know what to answer. At Close-marketing we are experts in managing company communication and we will help you find yours.

What is your differential as a company? Have we helped you discover yours? We read you🙂

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