How to succeed with your corporate identity


A corporate identity design is a set of visual elements that identify a company in front of consumers. It works as a visual communication to everything that is an entity, its philosophy, values and essence. Therefore, this is a key piece when creating a business no matter how small or large it is.

But is a corporate identity a logo?

One of the main confusions between these two concepts is to think that they are synonymous. A logo forms the central and most important part of the graphic aspect, but it is a mistake to think that once defined, the visual development of the company ends.

On the other hand, when talking about corporate identity , it already encompasses the logo and the different elements that are developed as a result of it.

The importance of a corporate identity design

Whether you are going to start a business or if you already have one, a good corporate design will help you differentiate yourself from the rest. In a world full of competition, you must make a difference and bet on a unique, personal and recognizable image by the public.

By joining a marketing strategy, you can create a good visual impact by making that when the consumer makes their purchase, repeat thanks to remembering the identity and forge their loyalty.

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Where do I start my corporate design?

We give you the keys to the main pieces to take into account to embark on the path to success with your corporate identity.

1. Who are you?

To begin to define the project we must introspect and think about our reason for being, our philosophy and future objectives (mission, vision and values).

In this first step we must be aware that an identity forms the personality of a business. It is the closest thing there is to a DNA of a company, so starting from a good base, it will facilitate reflecting your essence in the conceptualization of the image.

An important aspect also to take into account is to define and take into account the target audience. For example, an identity aimed at 8-year-olds will not have the same characteristics as 60-year-old adults, since their aspirations, motivations and ways of consumption are completely different.

2. Logo

The logo must be recognizable and adaptable to different formats and supports. Therefore, it must be simple for the message to arrive correctly. It is also recommended to create different versions, color variations and composition for good readability and arrangement.

3. Colors and fonts

The colors that represent your identity should also be communicated. To avoid scattering the consumer’s mind and not identifying the visual identity, it is advisable not to exceed the number of colors or vary them constantly.

The same goes for fonts . It must be common to the values and personality of the company. It is necessary to take into account the support where it will be used and the possibility of defining a second typography to facilitate readability.


To know the importance of choosing the right typography, choose the one that most reflects the value of elegance.


Ready? Have you already chosen the right option? If you have opted for the third typography, congratulations! The geometric shapes, the strokes and the arrangement of the letters have a lot to tell you. In this case, elegance is represented in the third version by the delicacy of its stroke, thickness and rounded shapes.

Corporate Identity Manual

An identity manual includes the most significant and important aspects to take into account for the correct adaptation, reproduction and use of the brand.

This document brings together the fundamental sections that must be taken into account to ensure the unity of the established standards and guidelines.

The manual is not intended to be a barrier or a limit to creativity, but a guide to new possibilities without losing sight of the essence of the brand.

How can we help you?

From Nearby· In marketing we are experts in making corporate identities. Now that you know all the advantages it has for your business thanks to an identity created with care and detail, it is time for you to tell us your idea to make it a reality. Join the change!

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