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Artificial intelligence has been around our lives and technological devices for several years, analyzing and identifying our way of thinking and acting but… Do we really know how it affects us? How has he managed to gain a foothold in digital marketing?

What is artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is a mixture and union of algorithms that aims to resemble the behavior of a machine to that of a human being. You also have the ability to adapt and personalize your behavior as you do. 

Today it is of great importance given its extensive capabilities, surpassing even those of humans. A clear and simple example of this phenomenon is given with Google Maps. While a person may take several minutes strategically thinking about which route to take to get to their destination faster, an artificial intelligence would manage to solve it in a matter of two seconds.

This progression in the learning of technology, makes this tool a vital component for business decision making and consolidate itself as a key piece for the development of the future.

How does it affect us humans?

Artificial intelligence today helps us to make our day to day simpler, faster and more efficient. The biggest interaction we have with AI usually comes from our smartphones. Thanks to it we avoid viruses and improve security on our device, optimize performance, improve our photographs and are continuously accompanied by virtual assistants such as Siri. In addition, AI is also responsible for capturing our needs and trying to meet them.

La Inteligencia Artificial En Marketing Digital

But what does this have to do with marketing?

As a result of the storage of a large amount of information, AI has established itself as an almost mandatory factor to implement when planning, developing and evaluating the decisions and actions carried out within digital marketing.

So much is this progression that it merges more and more with the marketing sector. These are some of its implementations in the market:

– Algorithms

Surely you have ever heard something like “I only get two topics when I enter social networks: cats and food”. Well, that’s the algorithm.

This filter system is implemented in different media such as Instagram. Algorithms identify the information exposed, identify user behavior (way of thinking, acting and consuming the content) and help show the user valuable content common to their needs. Going back to the previous example, if you are a person who loves animals and is looking for restaurants to go to on weekends, Instagram’s artificial intelligence customizes the exposed content so that you stay in the app watching cats and food reels.

– Content creator

Artificial intelligence has taken a step further and there are currently websites where a system is able to make a single word enough to give ideas of what content to create based on what is most sought on the internet and the interests of the population. There are also other platforms such as where just by putting some data, automatically, it is even able to write a caption for your images. Dark, right?

– Virtual assistants

Although online companies have within their teams staff in charge of responding to customer questions and requests, several of them have an artificial intelligence capable of talking by mail, chatting or calling with the client himself. This intelligence is able to hold a conversation without having to have the feeling of talking to an answering machine of automated responses.

If something characterizes AI is its ability to learn, so as the system evolves, its knowledge will be broader to give better explanations and optimal solutions… Although for more specialized and complex answers, there will always be a human being willing to help you.

Let’s talk about the future

These have been some of the examples of how we live with artificial intelligence and how it has managed to gain a foothold within our new form of consumption. Within marketing it is a very useful tool to implement for our strategies, since there are areas that as humans we cannot cover.

Now it remains to be asked where is the limit between the capacity of the human being and that of artificial intelligence. What if this blog has been written by one of them?

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