How to choose colors for your brand

Have you ever felt lost without knowing what color could represent you as a company or as a person? Because dear reader, if you are reading this it is because color matters to you and I want that through these “paragraphs” you can answer your questions, shall we begin?

The choice of corporate colors that will make up your brand is very important, not only because they will define the style of your entire brand universe, they will also transmit emotions, actions and qualities of your business to your potential customers.

The importance of choosing corporate colors well

There are different studies that are responsible for making us open our eyes and realize that we have to convince ourselves that the color palette of your brand does matter. Attentive to the following data:

  • The brain processes images at the speed of light, it takes less than 14 thousandths of a second to define it.
  • The first impression that a product offers you, whether positive or negative, is preceded by seeing only the color of its packaging.
  • The attractiveness of what we buy is predefined by color.
  • Color is responsible for your brand recognition.

If we can say that “eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel”, then we have to try to make you feel as much as possible through the choice of our colors.

Color psychology

We have already talked about why it is important to choose a color, now let’s enter the world of how to choose the perfect color for your image.
You could say that color psychology studies how colors can be perceived and how they behave with people. And now you may wonder, do colors have so much power? Yes friend, yes, colors are not only a physical aspect, they also condition our social environment.

And now I ask you, who is your brand environment aimed at? The cultural context you are addressing can greatly influence your choices, the colors are perceived differently in relation to the audience to which your brand is directed.

I’ll give you an example: in the Western world the color black is associated with death and mourning, on the contrary some cultures of the Eastern world relate white with death.

And if white can be a color of mourning, think about everything that can influence age, gender, culture, political context…

Let’s look at some examples and what symbolizes some colors that are most chosen for identities.


Synonymous with the feeling of urgency, red is a color associated with movement, emotion, passion and love, but beware, it can also be related to negative feelings such as aggressiveness and danger.


If red is the color that is best associated with you, take advantage of this for the famous “call to action”, for purchases from your online store, offers and sales.

Companies that use red in their brand:

Logo Netflix
Logo Nintendo
Logo Levis
Logo Coca Cola


Blue generates security and trust in brands. I also bet you didn’t know it boosted productivity… yes, yes… This color is synonymous with stability, intelligence and tranquility. Although careful, because it can also symbolize sadness.


If you have a brand of food, don’t use the color blue. This color will hardly be found in nature and it is not common to find blue food.

Companies that use blue in their brand:

Logo Nivea
Logo Visa
colores corporativos del logo intel
colores corporativos logo ford


This is the easiest color to pigeonhole, why? It’s obvious… When you are going to make a drawing, I am 100% sure that for nature, the environment and ecology you will choose your green pencil.


If you have a brand related to the environment, sustainable energy and nature, this is your color.
Companies that use green in their brand:

Logo Sturbuck
Logo Herbalife
colores corporativos logo sprite
Logo Spotify


It is the most striking color and difficult to use. It always has a certain difficulty of representation on a white background. It expresses youth, joy, optimism… But it can also represent deception or serve as warning signs.


This color, as with red, can incite immediacy and impulse purchases, so it is very useful for calls to action.

Companies that use green in their brand:

Logo Chupa Chups
Logo Postit
Logo Mcdonald
Logo Ikea


Freshness, heat, summer, joy… Orange is a color reminiscent of a sunset in summer. And, who will not like a sunset in summer? If your brand wants to enhance the idea of energy and risk, this is your color without any doubt.


In advertising it is widely used to stimulate purchases and when we do not want to use red, this color is a good substitute, in food it is one of the most used colors. Discover companies that use orange in their brand:

Logo Nickelodeon
Logo Jbl
Logo Fanta
Logo Mastercad


Black symbolizes, classism, strength, power and glamour. But we also relate within his psychology a certain relationship with death, loss, loneliness …


All luxury brands use black in their identities, minimalist and sober brands use this color for its easy adaptability. Let’s look at real cases that use black:

Logo Versace
Logo Apple
Logo Nike
Logo Zara

Tips so that your brand does not lack colooooor

Before finishing with this entry in full color, I would like to leave you some tips and advice to keep in mind to make the best decision about the colors of your brand:

  • It is very important to know that the colors of your brand are not only going to be for your identity, these colors will define your presence either online or physical. Select a palette that is versatile and identifiable so your customers can easily recognize it.
  • Do not underestimate neutral colors such as white or black, these always help your brand look neat and organized. In addition, color texts are not usually very legible for proper reading, it is better to put them black or white.
  • Do not use more than 2 colors in the same color palette for your identity, save printing costs, identification problems and your team goes crazy without knowing what color is used for each occasion.
  • Use bright, eye-catching colors for calls to action. Remember that red, orange and yellow make the user’s mind want to click quickly. Let’s buy! Let’s pay! Let’s pay!
  • I also leave you here some pages to choose colors that are in trend: Adobe Colors, Colorhunt and Coolors.

I hope that these tips and advice will help you a lot to start designing a corporate identity and choose the color that best suits your principles, company philosophy and your brand 🙂

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