What is domain and page Authority?


Working on domain and page authority is a very important aspect to climb to the top positions of Google. If you’ve never heard of these concepts… Read!

All about domain authority (DA or DT)

It is an indicator that measures the authority, quality and veracity of the content of a web page.

This indicator uses ratings from 1 to 100, being the 100th highest.

Autoridad De Dominio Y De Pagina

This metric helps to improve the search engine positioning of our website and having a high domain authority means increasing the visibility of your website.

How to improve it?

Improving your website’s domain authority is a long-term job that encompasses all of these aspects:

  • Create an optimized website with responsive design and good usability
  • Work on a content marketing strategy
  • Create a good Linkbuilding strategy
  • Organize a social media calendar with links to your website
  • Check for broken links
  • Avoid 404 errors
  • Write interesting and useful content for your customers

All about page authority (PA or PT)

Autoridad De Domino Seo

Page authority is a measure that identifies the reliability, popularity, and quality of one of the pages on your website.

This indicator focuses on a single web page to position it in search engines.

How to improve it?

Unlike domain authority, here we focus on the content of a particular web page, so it’s important to follow these recommendations:

  • Content must be original and innovative
  • Focus on respecting SEO parameters: use a keyword with enough searches and report it in the titles and subtitles. Use it in the seO title, url and meta description.
  • It includes interesting external linksthat serve the user who is reading.

Our advice: Don’t just focus on these two indicators

As you’ve seen, domain and page authority are two important indicators in SEO.

These two indicators are included within what is known as offpage SEO. Offpage SEO accounts for 50% of your website’s SEO, but if you don’t work on onpage seO, you’ll never get that 100%.

No matter how much domain and page authority you have with a lot of external links and a great network strategy, your website should be 100% optimized for you to reach the top positions of Google.

SEO is the result of a global strategy that encompasses both onpage SEO and offpage SEO, only then will Google reward your website and put it first in search engines and your visibility will increase.

Close·marketing creates and designs fully optimized websites and works on all aspects of SEO. And you, what do you think is the most important thing for the SEO of your website? Tell us in comments, we read you!

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