How to make an effective online marketing newsletter?


If you go into your inbox , there are sure to be a lot of emails you’ve unread. We get a lot of information at the end of the day from companies we’re interested in. 

And even if you think that newsletters are a thing of the past, email marketing is one of the most effective strategies to obtain leads and achieve customer loyalty. 

Newsletters are one of the basic elements of an email marketing strategy and we will know how to make it effective. Keep reading! 

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is an email that has all the news of a brand. We can find new blog articles, events or the launch of a new service or product. The newsletter is sent to the user who has decided that this is so, has registered to receive all the news because he is interested.

Ejemplos De Newsletter Efectiva 2
  • Permissive marketing is used
  • Informs the user about the brand’s news
  • It is an element of branding
  • Sent periodically

But is it the same as mailing? And the answer is no. Mailing is a strategy of sending outstanding promotions to users in a more timely manner.

Keys to your newsletter being successful

For a newsletter to be effective, we must be clear about the objective we want to achieve. The objectives that you want to achieve with the newsletter can be both to retain customers , as well as to inform about news or convert potential customers into customers.

And how do we achieve the loyalty, conversion and dissemination of our content? Let’s go in steps:

  • We must get the client to open our mail and it is something that awaits every week
  • When the user enters the email, we want them to click on the most relevant content so that they go to the company’s website to read it.

1. Take care of the theme of the newsletter

We want users to open the newsletter, and the first thing they’ll read is the topic. It is important to write topics that capture attention and that the sender is clear about who sends it, as it will give confidence to the user.

  • Matters should be brief and open the curiosity of the recipients. To do this, we can include a part of the content that you will see in the mail.
  • Use different topics for each email, so they don’t always read the same thing when the newsletter arrives.

2. Deliver valuable content

The newsletter must be unique and provide added value to the user. For brand visibility to increase, the latest brand posts must be shared that will make the user search for more information on the web, as they will only see a preview in the mail.

We leave you with examples of effective newsletters

Ejemplos De Newsletter

In general, the content of the newsletter should be focused on the subscriber receiving more information about your brand and knowing you a little more, in this way, loyalty will be achieved.

In the email you can highlight relevant content from relevant third parties . You can also make the subscriber, who is interested in reading information about your brand, see themselves reflected in the email highlighting relevant reviews or comments.

3. Attractive design

Design is one of the most important parts of mail. Once the user has opened the email, an attractive and creative design should attract attention. Designs with flat texts are less striking than when we include an image in the content of the blog.

The use of videos or interactive formats such as gifs in newsletters are a trend that subscribers increasingly like.

Ejemplos De Newsletter Efectivas

4. Limit promotional content

Remember that email is designed to offer valuable content about your brand to your subscribers, not to try to close sales. Promotional content should be the least relevant content in the email and should appear just before the footer.

Once we have read the most important content, we can leave a part of the mail for promotional aspects.

5. Set a sending frequency

The frequency of submission depends on how you generate content on your brand. It is important not to send a newsletter to be sent.

  • Daily frequency, designed for brands that generate a lot of content throughout the day.
  • Weekly frequency, designed to summarize the most important contents of the whole week.
  • Monthly frequency, designed to make a mix of content from the last month.

The newsletter plays a very important role in the email marketing strategy of brands, and by following all these tips you can achieve your goals.

Not only is there a formula to make effective newsletters, since the brand must analyze how subscribers are and what information they need.

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