Being visible on the internet: a challenge for companies

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Today marks World Internet Day. This commemoration was born with the aim of highlighting the importance of this technology and promoting access to it for all but… How has the Internet affected brands? Is it so complex to be visible on the internet?

Current situation

In a world where everything advances at a dizzying speed, an online platform is born, we learn to use it, we adapt and once we feel comfortable in it, a new one appears. The previous one is outdated and the process is repeated again.

Almost in the blink of an eye, algorithms change just like marketing strategies, communication channels, or tools to use.

For all these reasons, the Internet has established itself as a great platform for marketing, but it creates the need to have a team of professionals who know the ins and outs of digital marketing if you want to keep up with the pace demanded by the network. 

How has the Internet revolutionized marketing?

Over the years, the internet has become an essential when it comes to relating to each other, brands and shopping. Some changes we can see are:

  1. The purchase process is facilitated. Before the consumer had to go to an establishment to buy the product and now he can do it from the comfort of his sofa.
  2. Improvement in communication with the client. The unidirectionality of messages has been left behind and thanks to media such as social networks, brands can interact with their consumers and create closer links.
  3. Know the public. Thanks to the system of cookies and algorithms, we are able to know what needs our consumers have and / or know what products they look at. In this way we can communicate in a more effective and personalized way.
  4. Accuracy. The Internet has allowed us to segment the target audience in detail, know the possible results of the campaigns before carrying them out, monitor it in real time and accurately measure the effectiveness after their publication. In short, give us all the necessary data that will help us in decision making.

If before an advertising spot was launched and we expected its effectiveness to be measured in sales. Now we can see the number of views, if people stay to see it, if they click or visit our website or profile.

Visible En Internet ordenador

What challenges does your company face to be visible on the internet?

The democratization of internet access makes the presence of brands increasingly high, and therefore, also makes it difficult for a company to stand out.


One of the challenges that your company faces is to appear in the top positions in search engines. The constant changes in the algorithm and way of positioning, make it vital to be in constant alert and knowledge to get the first positions.

– Contents

Before, it was enough to have a website and start selling. Now it is necessary that our brand is visible on the internet through the generation of valuable content through other channels such as publications on social networks or blogs on its website.

– Social media

Thanks to these platforms we manage to create interaction with content about our brand and therefore, the possibility of achieving a more complete, varied and fluid communication. Depending on each social network it is also important to take into account a series of specific strategies since the audience can vary.

A success story in this regard occurred with the Twitter account of the National Police of Spain, which thanks to its fun and ingenious way of creating content (something common in that social network given its young audience), led them to generate an infinity of interaction, reach and be the police account with the most followers in the world.


If we know something exactly, it is that the network will be in constant evolution and it is vital to be in constant knowledge of all the news if we want our brand to be successful on the internet. Some forecasts that Google makes is that online advertising will continue to grow and that the mobile device will stop consuming content from the computer. 

It is also expected that micro-influencers acquire more relevance given their specialization, that there is more presence of Adblocks (ad blockers) and therefore we must fight to retain the user with quality content, and that to achieve reach you have to create video, as revealed in the Instagram updates that are to come.

We are your agency to be visible on the internet

For this accelerated pace of change, at Close·marketing we are always up to date and we are the agency you need to make yourself seen on the internet. If you liked the blog, tell us! Have you seen more changes that the Internet has caused in your business? We read to you.

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