Gastronomic entrepreneurs of Granada with the mayor of the city


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Yesterday we had the opportunity thanks to the Chamber of Commerce of Granada to eat with the Mayor of Granada to raise our initiatives and concerns regarding the business of Granada.

I was pleased to hear that there is a Shared Vision of the City initiative in which the political parties agreed on the Martyrs’ Pact: 60 strategic points for the improvement of the City.

Of the pillars within the next policies that the Mayor highlighted to us, were the following lines:

  • Productive opportunity: betting on the particle accelerator.
  • Quality / excellence in the tourism sector
  • Vision of the metropolitan city
  • Avoiding inequalities

He told us that he expected initiatives to the Proposals to the PGOU from private companies that he had not yet received any.

And of course, I participated claiming an updated website of the City Council and with a new design that can really be a reference in our city, and made by Granada companies, which we treasure with enough quality so that it can be real.

Highlights within the chamber, a new Global Agency of Granada, which will try to attract talent and try all the possible attractions so that they remain in Granada.

Undoubtedly, a very interesting meeting, and it is always appreciated that politicians are receptive to business concerns.

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We shared food with Paco Cuenca, Valeriano and Lauren among others.

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