Gamification as an interaction tool in marketing

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Celebrate International Game Day by entertaining your audience with your content. Gamification emerges as a solution to the monotony of marketing, find out!

What is gamification

The concept of gamification is linked to the application of game mechanics to contexts that are not expressly playful. The goal of this macro trend is to entertain the public and make them have fun to create interaction with the content of your brand in an enjoyable way. 

Therefore, some of the elements of the game that also apply to this communication is the use of rewards, competition between users or scoring.

How can it be applied to marketing?

Within the sector, this trend is applied through channels such as a website, social networks or creating ephemeral spaces. Some of the forms of expression of this communication is the use of questionnaires, challenges or riddles.

Although it may seem an ineffective or childish resource, several studies reveal that this type of tool makes the public increase their attention by almost 80%.

Leverage your brand

If you’re tired of your audience not reacting to your messages or feeling like you’re generating unattractive content or low traffic, it’s time to vary the way you communicate. Among the benefits of applying gamification to your marketing strategies are:

  • Generate interaction between the public and the brand
  • Faster “onboarding”: this term is linked to the period of time it takes a user to acclimatize and/or get used to a new product or service
  • Generate memorable experiences: with gamification it is possible to break with the routine and saturation of information to which we are accustomed. It is a tool that forces us to stop, to enjoy and therefore to remember the moment.
  • Product knowledge: thanks to the interaction with the content, the public can be more immersed in the information and assimilate it.
  • The user comes back for more: one of the benefits of having game processes where rewards or levels are offered, is that in the future that person will look for you to advance and achieve more.

How to apply gamification to your brand

As in any marketing strategy, a study and prior planning is important. That is why it is important to analyze the target audience well to know their tastes and needs.

We must not forget who we are as a brand and what we want to achieve, because although it is a game, we must link this mechanic to our content. And finally, take a risk!

Its use today

Nowadays brands use this tool as a way to communicate in a closer and more effective way. They do not focus exclusively on the sale of products, but among their objectives is also the retention of the public.


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La Gamificación juego

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