Meeting with the Manager of the Digital Agency of Andalusia

Last Monday, May 30, I attended the meeting with the Manager of the Digital Agency of Andalusia, in which topics of interest to Granada companies were addressed. It was organized by ONtech.

Digital Agency of Andalusia

Raúl Jiménez Jiménez, tells us the story of how he created the Digital Agency of Andalusia on March 30, 2021, with a change of model. Before it worked by janitors and now everything is put together in the same agency.

In addition, this business model has an aggregate analysis of the citizen and integrates all the digitalization policies of the Board. There are a total of 1,200 people who work to achieve the objectives with a budget of 3oo million euros per year in which a strategic plan is made to achieve the generation of local companies.

They are currently committed to different technologies such as cybersecurity. The goal is to create an industry and focus on security.

5 strategic axes

The 5 strategic axes that are proposed are the following:

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Cloud infrastructure and digital workplace
  4. Digital training
  5. Integration. Proactivity (common data management)

In addition, Marcelo Vázquez, director of the Technological Circle of Granada (CTG), participated. Marcelo is committed to promoting Dual Vocational Training and better spaces for companies with the help of public entities.

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