What is Blue Monday: Don’t blame it for what happens to you every day

What Blue Monday is and why you shouldn’t blame it for everything bad that happens to you today. Here’s why!

What is Blue Monday

Blue Monday is also known as the saddest day of the year and is celebrated every Monday of the third week of January. This day was categorized in this way through a mathematical formula that took into account aspects such as weather, distance since Christmas or work stress.

Qué es el Blue Monday y por qué no deberías culparlo de todo lo malo que te pase hoy. ¡Te contamos el por qué!

While we already know the reason for “Monday”, that is, Monday … Why Blue? This corresponds to the symbology of color and the ability of these to convey sensations and emotions.

In marketing and design, these characteristics are used to define the colors of corporate identities and thus reflect the personality of a company. Blue or blue is directly related to the feeling of sadness. In fact, “feeling blue” in English is synonymous with being in a sad state.

Is it real?

Many experts in psychology admit that mental health is not governed by a formula and that it is variable, that is, there is no specific day to be sad nor can it be measured.

Several of these health professionals criticize this day as a way to exploit people’s discomfort and to be a marketing excuse to campaign.

Despite these criticisms, Blue Monday remains a popularly known day and is celebrated all over the world.

However, instead of focusing on sadness and depression, many people use it as an opportunity to reflect on the importance of mental health and to promote awareness and support for those struggling with mental health issues.

There are even those who turn this day around to emphasize the importance of appreciating everything we have and makes us happy every day.

We dismantle Blue Monday

From Close·marketing we do not believe in Blue Monday and that is why we have described the situations that give us the most anger and that we attribute to the saddest day of the year … Even if it only lasts 24 hours.

Campaña Blue Monday
Blue Monday 1
Blue Monday 2
Blue Monday 3
Blue Monday 4

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