The lottery ad, an example of successful advertising

Christmas campaigns are approaching and televisions are already filling with ads that dazzle our homes with their Christmas elements and Papanoeles that bring gifts to everyone.

The ad that becomes more viral every year, is the Christmas lottery ad of the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado campaign, and we can already enjoy it, have you not seen it yet?

It is one of the most anticipated ads of the year, for the debates it generates and for lovers of sentimental advertising. And it is that some years we have experienced the indecision to go buy a pack of handkerchiefs or go to buy a tenth of lottery. 

AIDA model in advertising









What will the creatives who make the lottery ad think? Year after year, more than one person has surely asked himself this question, and although we are not in charge of making this announcement, we are going to analyze the work done by these creatives to overcome this great responsibility criticized and debated by all.

In advertising we find a model called AIDA and is that for those who spend the day making marketing strategies it is essential to know what can motivate users to buy a certain product.

  • Attention: The user identifies the ad as such, therefore, it is important to look for their concern, their interest, it is time to call their attention. In the case of the lottery, they do it with stories of people who could be our neighbors, our relatives or ourselves.
  • Interest: We have to hook the user in the story, how do the advertising creatives of the Christmas lottery campaign do it? Easy, they give what they need to our stimuli that generate memories. You know, memories generate positive emotional reactions to users.
  • Desire or desires: You feel so identified with the message and with the announcement that in the end in addition to being a product with which all Spaniards are excited, not only for the emotion but because, who has not gotten into the role of the protagonist character of the ad? We have all wanted to be, that good person who ends up being rich from one moment to the next.
  • Action or action: We are running to the first lottery administration that we find…. and may luck be on our side.

AIDA in addition to being a comedy series of a television network, is in this case the acronym of the different words: “A ttention, Interest, Desire, Action” different steps that our users go through when they see an advertisement.

This is how creatives make their campaigns a success.

Some examples of very TOP campaigns in recent years

We have been sharing, getting excited and living the day of the lottery for many years as one of the most exciting moments of our year. Let’s review some of the most talked about in recent years:

2005: “Luck is with you”

Do you remember Clive Arrindell? He was the protagonist of many of the advertising spots of the Christmas lottery, and was so protagonist, that he went down in history as the “Bald of the Lottery”, so much so that they had to remove him from the screens because the purpose of these ads was disassociated: to sell lottery tickets.

2014: “Manuel and his reason to celebrate”

We are facing one of the announcements that most moved our country. In it we could see how people enjoyed in a bar where they had sold the winning number of the Christmas Lottery. A man named Manuel, who did not have such a number, entered the premises and the waiter told him that he had “a reason to celebrate” and shows him that he had saved a tenth.

2015: “The first animated lottery ad”

We see the story of Justino, and it was also the first animated spot in the history of the Christmas Lottery one of the most applauded and awarded in history. The ad encourages the idea of : “the best thing about the prize is to share it”.

2022: “3 advertising spots for this Christmas”

This year we return to the values of sharing, union, but above all honesty, giving without receiving and not taking advantage of situations that do not belong to us, focusing on the three Spains: urban, coastal and rural.

In the end, the Christmas Lottery draw is how they emphasize in their slogan: “It is an Extraordinary Draw full of extraordinary stories”.

What’s your favorite story? Let us know in comments.


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