How to measure your ads on Facebook

Online advertising continues to break investment records, in Spain 2,482 million euros were invested in digital advertising in 2021. If we talk about online advertising we have in mind two platforms, Google Ads and Facebook Ads (recently called Meta.)

In this article, we’re going to talk about Facebook Ads, what kind of ads can be made, and how to measure your ads on Facebook.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is the ad creation platform offered by both Facebook and Instagram. This platform allows you to create visual ads, promote posts, research competitor ads, etc.

In addition, the ads created can be displayed in different sections of social networks adapting their size depending on each section.

What types of ads can we make?

Facebook offers a lot of options when it comes to running an advertising campaign. The first thing we have to take into account is the location where we want the ads to be shown. For this, Facebook gives you two options;

  • Advantage+ placements: The platform itself chooses the placements where the ad will be shown based on its algorithm and performance. We recommend this option only if you are not sure where your potential customer is.
  • Manual Placements: If you want to have control of your campaigns this option is the most recommended. Choose the Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network locations where you want your ads to show.

Once the placements have been chosen, we have to ask ourselves: What kind of ads do we want?

  • Unique image or video: An image or video will be displayed in the different sections you have marked, remember that it is important to adapt the ad sizes to each section. For example, use a square image to appear as a post and a vertical image for Stories.
  • Sequence: If you have a lot to tell or offer in the same ad, the best solution is called sequence, order different images in order of importance, the person who is shown must slide to see all the images
  • Catalog: This type of ad is intended exclusively for the sale of products. You show all the products you have in store dynamically, you can also manually select those products you want to be displayed.

How do I measure results on my Facebook ads?

You already know in general terms what Facebook ads is and the types of ads on Facebook. Now you need to know one of the key pieces, measurement. To know the results of advertising campaigns we need to measure and know the results obtained and that is what we are going to explain to you.

The measurement of results will depend on two factors;

  • The objective is within the social network: If your goal is to get interactions within your profile on Facebook or Instagram, conversions will be measured without problem within your objectives (contact, followers, reach, instant forms, etc.)
  • The objective is on our website: In this case and given the recent changes in the privacy of users we have to forget the pixel and integrate Facebook with our website through the Conversions API. If you are looking to measure your online sales and use WooCommerce you can download the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin.

Now that you know how the exciting world of Facebook Ads works, do you dare to create your own ad? Tell us how it works for you!

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