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Do you want to know all the news about Instagram that arrive this 2022? Instagram is one of the most used social networks and since Facebook bought it, it has been improving until it is completely different since its inception.

In this post we tell you the news of Instagram, for those who use this social network daily as the close·marketing team, you will love them!

What’s new in the feed

The change in the feed is one of the most anticipated changes by all users. You can now choose to view your feed in three different ways:

  • Home: In this feed style you will be able to see all the suggestions of accounts that you are not a follower of.
  • Favorites: This feed consists of content from a selected list of accounts, called “favorites” flagged by the user himself.
  • Chronological feed: This feed will be a chronological list of all the accounts you follow. Yes, chronological feedback is back!

This has been told by the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, on his Twitter account.

Novedades De Instagram Adam Mosseri

Reels of replies to comments

Instagram establishes this function as it is done in another very famous social network, TikTok, giving the possibility to respond to comments on a new reel and the comment will appear in the form of a sticker on the content with different color options.

Stories up to 60 seconds

If 30-second stories fall short and you need to post many to show what you want to show, they can now be extended to the minute to highlight relevant content.

Modify carousels

This novelty is very functional for those who work with carousels very often, since a specific image can be removed within a carousel.

Just upload up to 3 points at the top of the post, click edit and there you will have the option to delete the available post.

And that’s it!

Novedades En Instagram 2022

Increased parental supervision

The “Instagram Kids” function has been temporarily interrupted and work is being done to improve this function to respond to one of the big problems of this application: children.

In a short time you will be able to see these changes on Instagram, which are highly anticipated by many of the users of this app. What do you think? Would you include a new one? We read you in comments!

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