Advertising photography, a “must” in your project

Today, August 19, we celebrate another year since the appearance of this tool. Advertising photography has been forged as a key element for marketing. Do you know its importance?

Photography and advertising have been closely related areas since in most cases one is due to the other thanks to its ability to capture the audience.

What is advertising photography

Advertising photography is a specialized branch of photography whose objective is to capture images that help persuade customers and create in them the desire to buy products or services.

It is a key element in marketing since from these photographs the purchase decision will be generated in the audience. For this reason, advertising photography is done through creative, innovative elements and under a well-defined and careful art direction.

Objetivo Camara

How important is it for my business?

A picture is worth a thousand words, take advantage of this tool! Good photographs on social networks, websites or advertising campaigns will attract the attention of the public and help attract future consumers.  

Taking care of advertising photography in your communication you will be able to tell stories and create emotional connections with the audience thanks to storytelling becoming relevant content.

Let’s try an example

Advertising photography also generates emotions and gives a lot of information about the product. Let’s look at the difference between these two types of ads. 

What image makes you want to try this chocolate ice cream?

Fotografía Publicitaria helado poco apetecible
helado sabroso Fotografía Publicitaria

As you can see, the second advertising photograph has a more colorful and fun background, variety of elements and the raw material from which it is made, which creates that desired craving. The first shows the product with the worst lighting and outside the photographic trends of the ice cream sector.

In the case of using one of these images for a magazine or billboard, if the brand bases its speech on fun and happiness when eating an ice cream, the second image will be identified and help convey the essence of the company.

4 tips for advertising photography

1. Attention to lighting

We must know what type of light best suits our needs. Think about whether artificial or natural light is better, the direction of light, what we want to highlight, etc. For example, a photograph with a uniform and natural light generates harmony and one that generates many shadows will bring drama.

 2.  Hire a professional

Not all people are able to take quality photographs. Leave yourself in the hands of people who have the experience and knowledge of the trends and rules of advertising photography.

3. Endless possibilities, take advantage of it!

Try to take different photographs, change, modify the plane, move the product… The first photo will never be the final one. Dare to explore the ample opportunities you have.

4.  The importance of post-production

This step is essential to polish the details of the photograph and finish perfecting it. It is also vital to have a professional in this final part of the process.

Stock or real photos?

Stock photographs are obtained through image banks for free or for a fee, from where we can get photos for our projects. As a benefit, we find platforms with a lot of variety. As a drawback, that being such general images, it is impossible sometimes that there is a photograph equal to what we advertise and we must invest a lot of time in modifying them or directly not being able to find it.

If for example we are a restaurant, it will be very complicated or impossible to look for a photo that has the same plating or ingredients.

In short, a real image will help to stand out from the competition and will make us unique thanks to the differential value of showing our photographs.

At Close·marketing we know a lot about advertising photography . Count on us to drive your business to success. What do you think of the importance of this type of tool? We read you!

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