At Close·marketing we keep moving forward: our 2022 summary

For Close·marketing, this has been a year of great challenges and from which we draw achievements and reasons to celebrate the closing of a great 2022. Here’s a summary!

Don’t miss the events!

Been to WordCamps

WordCamps are WordPress conferences where lovers of this content manager share ideas and knowledge. We have had the honor of being at WordCamp Europe, the largest conference in the world, WordCamp Seville and even WordCamp Vienna. A team that we are very happy to contribute to and an experience that we will undoubtedly repeat for next year.

Wordcamp Vienna
Wordcamp Publicación
Wordcamp Sevilla

Other events we’ve been to

In addition to the WordCamps we have also attended the Meetups. As members of the Granada Chamber Club, we could not miss its tenth anniversary. Nor attend the Connected Granada event or those related to the Digital Kit. A network of events that help us meet more people to connect with.

Close·technology grows

If already in the summary of 2021 we had its creation, during this last year, this project already has its own website and an updated service of plugins, custom developments, automations and integrations.

En Close·marketing Seguimos Avanzando Nuestro Resumen 2022 1

TOP Projects

If something has characterized this year, it has also been the great projects in which we have been involved.

Mariscos Apolo once again trusted us to renew its website by making a custom web design and development adapted to the new times. A fast, dynamic and fast website designed for the user.

Clientify was one of our big discoveries last year and for this year, we’ve continued to work with this company that offers great CRM tools. We carry out the web development of your new website and that of your academy.

Dauro, ABC Ibérica, Nordwik… There are many companies that have trusted us this year! To see all the projects you can visit our portfolio.

A Podcast that grows

There is nothing that resists the Marketing Ninjas , and therefore, this 2022 has been full of episodes with unique experiences and incredible guests. This podcast specialized in marketing and made by David y Sacra together with Jesús Yesares, has continued to grow and reach listeners who love the sector.

This 2023 comes loaded with many good episodes!

En Close·marketing Seguimos Avanzando Nuestro Resumen 2022 Nijas

Our campaigns plus Closers

A prominent holiday is the ideal time to create cool campaigns. That’s why, at Close·marketing this year we wanted to take advantage of them to get all our creativity.

From a tribute to the influencer mothers for Mother’s Day, the superheroines of Women’s Day, our costume contest on Halloween and even our Harry Closer as the finishing touch of the year. We love campaigns!

Dia De La Madre
Campaña Día De La Mujer
Dia Del Diseño
Halloween Close


In Close·marketing we are aware that union is strength, and that is why, this 2022 we have done many activities together such as a Lego Serious Play workshop, a dynamic designed to improve performance and organization, coexistence together and we have even run in the IV Andrés Pérez Memorial!

The team that stays together achieves everything it sets out to do.

En Close·marketing Seguimos Avanzando Nuestro Resumen 2022 4
En Close·marketing Seguimos Avanzando Nuestro Resumen 2022 3
En Close·marketing Seguimos Avanzando Nuestro Resumen 2022 2

Thank you for another year

Despite all the challenges we have faced this year, we have worked with new customers who have joined the Closers family, some who have remained by our side and many who will come this 2023. New goal is always to learn and give the best of us. Another year we can say: we have achieved it!

Thank you all for trusting us!

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