Branding: The Beginning of Everything

Brand branding is one of those invisible elements but with great importance when it comes to forming a brand. The design of a brand is special and unique for each company, which will accompany it in each of its steps to meet its objectives.

Branding Dados

It is one of the basic elements to get your company to connect with consumers and at Close we are experts in Branding for companies in a creative and effective way. If you’re looking for this for your business, it’s time for us to talk!

What is brand branding?

Brand branding is the set of elements that convey the value of your brand. Today’s world is a saturation of brands, so your brand needs to go one step further.

Branding is made up of elements that must be taken care of in detail and that we give a lot of care, such as the logo or naming, but Branding goes much further. It is to cause conscious and unconscious sensations and connections, so that the customer decides on your brand at the time of purchase.

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Now that you know what brand branding consists of, you need to analyze every detail that makes it up. In order for consumers to know who you are, they need to know what your name is and that’s what Naming is all about.

Naming Close

A brand must choose its own nameand that of its products, and that will be what makes them recognizable. It must be a name that is appropriate to current trends, that helps the brand to be immediately recognized by users and that transmits the values and principles of the company.

At Close we carry out a lot of brainstorming and research so that the Naming perfectly defines your brand and everything that will come after: Slogan, slogans, etc. Very important in your company!

Logo Design

We finally have your company name! After a lot of research, we have the perfect name that perfectly defines your brand and everything you are looking to convey. It’s time to dress it up with good brand branding.

It will be the visual way in which consumers perceive your brand, and Close’s team of designers will be the ones who bring creativity, originality and design to your brand. Do you want to know how?

Corporate Identity

For the creation of the Corporate Identity, we carry out an analysis of the perception that the target audience has when they know your company and their first contact with it. Close’s designers manage to empathize with your company and put themselves in the shoes of consumers to ensure success.

It’s time to translate your logo and brand features into graphic elements.

See more work done in corporate identity design.

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Somos tu empresa de marketing online en Granada. Optimizamos tu web con SEO, Contenidos, Redes y Mantenimiento para que consigas más clientes.

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At Closemarketing we create a renewed, updated and attractive image for your business. Improve your image to customers and generate new ones.

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Online advertising is direct advertising, expressly aimed at your potential customers, measurable instantly and with the possibility of being optimized at any time.

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Estamos especializados en crear identidades en Internet. que es hoy en día un canal de comunicación esencial que nos permite atraer a nuevos clientes interesados en nuestros servicios.


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