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We turn our clients into the heroes of their stories

Our Online Marketing service in Granada makes it easier for companies to have a better presence and visibility on the internet to help them sell more through the capture of new contacts or direct sales. Today, in a global and competitive market, positioning requires greater technical knowledge and generating content on your website about the market you are targeting.

Online Marketing is a set of strategies that promote a brand on the internet. At we improve your online presence, keep it updated and make your website useful for your current and future customers.

We prepare a Digital Marketing Plan to detect the needs and potential of the company. From there, we execute it with a team of professionals who participate to achieve the best results: Graphic Designers, Programmers, Marketing Technicians and Community Managers.




We place you on the map so that everyone can find you.



We get the attention of our client.



We attract you until you are already ours, becoming a happy and satisfied customer.

What do we do with the Online Marketing of your company?

Get results on your website and improve traffic to get more customers.

SEO Positioning

We improve the positioning of your website so that your company is in the top positions of Google.

We help you appear in the first results of Google

As specialists in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at we base our strategies on the continuous analysis of the situation in which the website of our clients is located. From there, we execute different actions necessary so that, when your customers search the Internet, they find your company.

If you don’t appear on the first page of Google results, you won’t be visible to your customers, and therefore, your online presence won’t make sense. The competition today is very high. Having professionals in Search Engine Optimization is essential to achieve your online goals. 

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Content Marketing

We offer valuable information on your blog so that you get more traffic on your website and have content to share on social networks.

Build user loyalty with quality content

At Close·marketing we take care of researching and creating relevant and up-to-date content. We disseminate it both through the company’s corporate blog and social networks, periodic newsletters and external links of interest. 

Content management has become a fundamental tool to improve the presence of websites and, above all, to provide customers with valuable information and content. This content serves as guidelines and foundations when making the decision to contact professionals.

Web Maintenance

We keep your WordPress updated and make the necessary changes to get improvements.

Your website always updated and up to date in terms of technology

Imagine that your website is a Ferrari, over time the different elements that make up your car wear out, becoming outdated and without any update. Close·marketing offers you web maintenance so that your wheels are always ready to take you to the top of your sector.

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Social Media

We share content on social networks and create a community of users on the Internet. They will be the best ambassadors of your services and products, increasing visibility and trust towards your business.

Search engine advertising to improve your visibility quickly

In Close·marketing we are specialized in the management of Google Adwords campaigns, both in search engines and in Display. Through these campaigns, we reach users who search for your services or products faster and more cost-effectively. We are Google-certified professionals.

Search engine advertising is the most profitable way to achieve set goals. The results obtained by the campaigns are easy to measure, which allows you to update the campaigns according to their evolution.

Increase your online visibility thanks to social networks

Social networks have become an essential tool for companies to communicate with their customers and attract new ones. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIN, Tik Tok… they have become part of our day to day. They are social networks that we use continuously to search for information, communicate and to work. If our customers are there, our company has to be there too, and show them what they are looking for.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Maintaining continuous and personalized communication with our customers helps us stay in their minds and build loyalty. 

Don’t know how to manage your weekly Newsletters?

Although today there is a wide variety of opportunities through the internet, the use of email marketing campaigns is still one of the most profitable actions. At we know this, and for this reason we have specialized in the management of emailing campaigns focused on specific objectives.

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Together we take you to the top

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Marketing Online

We are your online marketing company in Granada. We optimize your website with SEO, Content, Networks and Maintenance so that you get more customers.

Graphic Design

At Closemarketing we create a renewed, updated and attractive image for your business. Improve your image to customers and generate new ones.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is direct advertising, expressly aimed at your potential customers, instantly measurable and with the possibility of being optimized at any time.

WordPress Web Design

We are specialized in creating identities on the Internet. which is today an essential communication channel that allows us to attract new clients interested in our services.


We are your multimedia communication agency Granada. Seduce, capture and convince your customers that they should choose you with multimedia content.

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