Companies take quality of service seriously: Jazztel

JazztelIt seems that companies realize that trying to attract customers continuously and not worry about the satisfaction of their customers in the quality of service, is not a good strategy in the medium term.
And this takes note Jazztel has recently presented a “Warranty Plan”, which guarantees a series of services added to ADSL, such as: compensation for installation delay, speed information before hiring the service, free telephone for technical incidents 24 hours a day,… etc. In addition to an internal audit on service quality parameters.

I do not know if it will be enough to compete in quality of service, but it does seem a good sign that they are oriented to customer loyalty. I think it is interesting after the “fame” that this sector is taking, after being the one that collects the most complaints in consumer agencies, in the mistreatment of customers such as endless customer service calls, difficulty in unsubscribing, delay in the installation of ADSL, etc.

Via @ Negociame en Redestelecom

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