Design for social networks

At Close-marketing we study the current trends in the digital world on a daily basis, and we know the current need for brands to be on the internet and to have a striking, beautiful social media design that represents the values and identity of the company. And we are there for that!
We have an orientation towards branding and strategic design that allows us to make functional designs that give results in social networks in order to improve online presence and achieve results.
We make sure that social media profiles are updated and adapted to the brand, generating quality content that communicates a message of value to users.

We customize your social media profile

The design of your brand on the Internet is essential to convey trust and credibility to the user who is watching you. There are many companies that a user finds on the Internet at the end of the day, so it is important that you differentiate yourself from them so that they choose you.
After a long research about your company and the competition, the whole Close-marketing team starts to communicate to your followers and potential customers what they should know about your brand.

How do we do it?

Uploading content and design to social networks can be done by anyone without any knowledge of design or marketing, but it’s up to you to make sure it’s focused on results and your customers, and we do it that way!

  1. We analyze your target audience: We go to where your audience is. We analyze which are the social networks where we will find your customers to have an online presence.
  2. We study the competition: What designs does the competition make? How can we differentiate ourselves?
  3. We study these points to make your designs a success.
  4. We create a communication strategy: We create a content calendar based on themes to offer valuable content.
  5. We make an original and creative design: We make creative and original designs that are in accordance with the corporate identity of the brand.
  6. We note important dates: We mark all important dates for your brand in our calendar so that the design of that day is special and communicates something important to your followers.
  7. We adapt to different social networks and formats: We adapt the designs to the different social networks in which your brand has a presence on the internet, adapting designs or content, whatever is necessary for your followers to read and see what they need from your brand. In addition, we make posts, stories, reels, IGTV or whatever your company needs in that social network for your company to stand out.

We make users identify with your company.

It’s not only what you say, but how you say it. Using the right words and an eye-catching design to connect with the consumer will guarantee success.
An eye-catching feed and a complete social media profile with all the information about your brand is one of the many actions that must be taken care of and taken into account for your company to meet the objectives and succeed in the digital world.

We are experts in making this possible, contact us!

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